2011 Lent Build Begins!

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Today was a day full of blessings.  In addition to marking the inauguration of our 2nd Lent Build, we had the opportunity to celebrate this Ash Wednesday alongside our local and international brothers and sisters.  People have come from far and near to help give a hand up to the members of the Getsemaní community, and during Lent we will build 15 homes for low-income families.  What a blessing to have this chance to show God’s love for our neighbors.

The day started out with an official ceremony to inaugurate the Lent Build, attended by partner families, volunteers, Habitat El Salvador staff, and masons.  Also present were representatives from local institutions, the local government, and non-profit organizations.  We then led a tour around the Getsemaní community to show off the project’s advances.  In the afternoon we had a special Ash Wednesday celebration, led by international volunteer Pastor Rachel Tune.  Finally, we headed over to the construction sites to build!  Throughout the day, I saw how concrete blocks and cement, when mixed with the sweat and love of our volunteers, began to take the form of houses.

Lent Build allows me to see how our faith moves us to convert our skills into a blessing for families in need of decent homes.

—Carlos Avalos, Church Relations Coordinator, Habitat El Salvador


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