Christmas in Action

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From Nov 30th-Dec 3rd, we at Habitat El Salvador celebrated our annual Christmas in Action event!  This year it included both a one-week blitz build as well as our annual Benefit Dinner.  Members of the Getsemaní community were important participants in both parts of the event.

The goal of a blitz build is to bring together partner families, national and international volunteers, and other allies to build a number of houses in one action-packed week.  This most recent blitz build was held the Brisas del Jiboa community.  Brisas del Jiboa is a holistic community project for 132 families who lost their homes and possessions in Tropical Storm Ida in November, 2009.  A total of 3 international and 15 national teams helped to build ten homes in this community.  One of the teams was a group of eight youth volunteers from the Getsemaní community.  These youth spent the entire week working hard to build homes for the needy families.  They also had a chance to make many new friends while practicing the value “solidarity.”  Other volunteers were impressed with the Getsemaní youth´s willingness to work so hard and serve others.

The Benefit Dinner, held on December 3rd, was a fundraiser for the Brisas del Jiboa community.  Over 300 guests took part in the celebration, including a group of six representatives from Getsemaní.  Guests shared a delicious meal, learned about the achievements of Habitat El Salvador in the past year, and recognized the contributions of key national and international volunteers.  The Getsemaní guests also had a chance to meet some of the international volunteers who worked with the youth on the construction site—and to receive a glowing assessment of their work!  All in all, Christmas in Action was a great success, and a wonderful week to share with the Getsemaní community.

−Habitat El Salvador Team


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