A Healthy Series of Events

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November was a busy month for the health component of the SGC project!  A number of different activities and medical visits were held, all with the goal of improving the overall health of Getsemaní community members.

Dental health was the focus of the first activity.  Hosted by CEDESAN (Center for Demonstration and Documentation of Food Security) on November 19th, this workshop was attended by around 50 children.  The focus was on proper dental care, including correct use of a toothbrush and basic care of teeth.  Free toothbrushes were also given away to all the children.  The hope is to follow this workshop with a dental clinic where community members can receive low-cost dental care.

On November 20th, a general medical clinic was held.  The attending doctor provided his services for a reduced price, and the SGC project was able to completely subsidize the exam costs for all 48 participants.  Children and adults alike received a general exam.  Medicine was given to every person who needed it, also free of charge.

Another recent activity provided a chance for the Getsemaní community to teach others about improving their health.  On November 24th, CEDESAN hosted its 5th annual Nutrition Fair.  Different organizations had the opportunity to put up stands demonstrating the preparation of a variety of healthy foods.  Ten members of the Getsemaní community made vegetable patties, banana pancakes, and an eggplant dish for people to taste and buy.  The participants had themselves recently received nutrition classes from CEDESAN, and were thus able to pass along their newfound knowledge to the Ahuachapán community.  They were also able to sell several of the rabbits that are being raised as part of the Microentrepreneurship component of the project.

−Habitat El Salvador Team

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