Beading, Candy, and Sewing…Oh My!

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The microentrepreneurship component continues to provide income-generating training for members of the Getsemaní community.  Fifteen women are currently taking classes to learn new skills, including beading, sewing, and candy-making.  All the women have received scholarships provided by the local municipal government and attend their classes at the local Women’s Training Center.

Classes began on November 8th and will last through mid-December.  The women participating in the beading and candy-making classes receive four hours of training a week.  The sewing class is more intense—the weekly schedule includes sixteen hours of training.  This one-month program is actually an accelerated version of the normal classes the Women’s Training Center provides, which typically last for six months.  The Getsemaní participants are very excited about their new trainings, and many are interested in participating in the longer class series next year in order to gain more experience and put their newfound knowledge into practice.

−Habitat El Salvador Team

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