Many Hands Make Many….Puppets?

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From September 24th to 26th, 35 members of the Charlotte-Villa Esperanza and Getsemaní communities gathered to learn the art of making and performing with puppets!

The participants were a diverse group: youth and adults, men and women, teachers, members of the Boards of Directors, representatives of various committees, and interested community members all took part.  The three-day workshop provided the participants with many opportunities to make new friends.

The leader of the workshop was Duban Villalobos, a puppeteer with more than 10 years of experience.   He began the first day by talking about the history of puppets and their uses throughout history.  Duban then directed the participants to practice different movements, enunciation exercises, and improvisation.  They also learned how to mix different paint colors to obtain the desired look for their puppets.

On the second day, participants once again practiced exercises for enunciation and movement.  They then began to make their first puppets out of Styrofoam, and to paint and dress them with either baby clothes or items made out of paper.  In the afternoon, the community members split into groups to work on scripts for the short presentations which they would soon present.

On the last day of the workshop, the participants had a chance to practice their performances before presenting in front of the group.  Most were about friendship, love, comradeship, and other important values.  The laughter and creativity made this workshop a truly unique experience.  Many of the participants hope to continue making puppets and performing, as they enjoyed learning about this creative outlet.

−Habitat El Salvador Team


One Response to Many Hands Make Many….Puppets?

  1. Natalia Beckett says:

    Hola Amis! It looks like you are very busy and I would like to help out where it is needed. What materials if any do you need? Please let me know what I can collect for the community! Hope everyone is doing well! Say hello to all the children.

    Natalie Beckett

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