Teaching Teachers

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One of the six components of the Strengthening the Getsemaní Community project is values education for youth.  A key aspect is the training of teenage community members on important values and how to put them into practice in daily life.  These youth will then in turn become informal teachers and pass their knowledge on to the rest of the youth of the community.  This component is quickly taking shape, as the youth of Getsemaní are eager to learn.

Ten youth participated in the first set of workshops, which were held in June. The workshops covered topics such as the definition of key values and why they are important, teaching for different learning styles, and team work.  The workshops included various icebreakers and activities, which the youth can implement once they start giving their own classes.

A second set of workshops were held on September 4th and 11th.  These were hosted by a church in the capital of San Salvador, and youth and adults from a variety of churches and bible schools participated.  Entitled, “Reaffirming my Call,” these practical workshops trained participants in diverse themes, such as teaching methods, preparing classes, working with different learning styles, effective teaching behavior, and how to treat the students.  Eight youth and one adult from the Getsemaní community participated.  The participants greatly enjoyed the workshops and found them very useful, especially the topics that dealt with teaching young children.  All are eager to start putting their new knowledge into practice!

−Habitat El Salvador Team


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