Community Exchange

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On Sunday, July 6th, members of two of Habitat El Salvador’s holistic communities met for a day of fun and learning.  A total of 128 adults and 52 children participated, including the members of the communities’ respective Boards of Directors.  The meeting created a space for an exchange of experiences—specifically, to talk about community development projects that each community has or is in the process of carrying out.  The goal was for each community to learn from the experiences of others, and to think about new ways to work towards their own goals.  The meeting included prayers, ice-breakers, and presentations by the Boards of Directors of projects they had successfully carried-out.

The meeting had a very positive outcome, as expressed by members of both communities.  Participants said that it was an excellent opportunity for them learn and grow together.  It was also a very positive social experience, as everyone was able to make many new friends.  The communities have already invited each other to participate in their next activities, such as the upcoming Corn Festival in Ahuachapán and a dance competition in the Charlotte-Villa Esperanza community.  The will also continue to meet and share ways to accomplish their goals.

−The Habitat El Salvador Team


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