Looking Good in Getsemaní

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The next time you visit Getsemaní, don’t worry about dropping by the beauty parlor beforehand.  The women of Getsemaní now have the skills to make you pretty!  Twelve women recently participated in an intensive 90-hour course on cosmetology as part of PATI.

As you may recall from a previous post, PATI (which stands for Programa de Apoyo Temporal al Ingreso or Temporal Income Support Program) is a new pilot project that the national government has launched.  It aims to provide vocational training, stable income to unemployed individuals as well as community development.  Ahuachapán was one of the first municipalities to benefit from the program.  Habitat El Salvador arranged for some of the Getsemaní residents participating in PATI to build as part of their work commitment.

After weeks of getting dirty on the work site, many of the PATI participants have been given the opportunity to learn a new skill, through a number of courses offered by INSAFORP, a governmental institution dedicated to providing vocational training.  While some are learning how to style hair (as mentioned previously), others are taking courses on sewing, bread making and cooking.  By learning these useful skills, community members are taken the first necessary step to generating more income for their families, whether that later means opening a new business or seeking work in the formal sector.

–Habitat El Salvador Team


One Response to Looking Good in Getsemaní

  1. Dianne Green says:

    WOW!! I’m so impressed. There seems to be no end to the good ideas generated there. Kudos

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