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Martha, the president of the Getsemaní ADESCO, has six children, but says jokingly that she now has seven more.  She refers to her seven new rabbits, explaining that she has to spend as much time caring for them as she does her own girls and boys.  Martha started this pilot project seven weeks ago after a conversation with one of the Myers Park Presbyterian Church volunteers, who had eaten dinner at a local restaurant owned by a man who specializes in raising rabbits.  The volunteer bought a book from him about how to raise rabbits, presented it to Martha and by the next day, Martha had bought the first four.  She had always dreamed of raising rabbits and therefore took the gift as a sign that she should put her ideas into action.

The dream is to work with other families and create a cooperative that raises rabbits and sells the meat to restaurants.  In this way, they can not only increase their income, but also provide rabbit meat for themselves.  So far, four other women have joined Martha.  Tania has connected them with a consultant who has more than 20 years of experience in income-generating agricultural projects and who even used to have his own rabbit farm.  Together, along with several international volunteers, they spent part of Easter week building the rabbit cages.  They will be growing vegetables on top of the cages in order to provide the rabbits with food.

–Habitat El Salvador Team


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