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Each Friday of the Lent Build has been a special day, filled with good food, dancing and tearful farewells—yet another indication that this project is about much more than houses.  However, on Good Friday we included an extra activity.  Community youth spent the afternoon creating a beautiful “alfombra” on the streets of downtown Ahuachapán.  An alfombra, which literally means “carpet” in English, is an old Holy Week tradition of the Catholic church.  Believers use dyed sawdust and salt to paint elaborate albeit ephemeral designs on the street, as a way to express thanks and devotion or make a request for a miracle.   The Good Friday procession begins in the sanctuary of the cathedral and then follows along the route of the alfombras.  In the case of our alfombra, the artists depicted a globe surrounded by houses, in this way representing the work Habitat for Humanity does worldwide and at the same time honoring the legacy of Monseñor Romero by showing a world where everyone lives in peace.

–Habitat El Salvador Team

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