You leave with a couple of new friends

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Building with Habitat El Salvador has been one of the most enjoyable experiences during my time in El Salvador.  I sign up whenever I have the chance.  When I went to build in Getsemaní for the second time, I was amazed at how fast progress had been made.  I was there about two weeks ago, and they’ve already completed five houses! That demonstrates how hardworking and dedicated the masons, family members and national and international volunteers are.

We started off the day by splitting into two groups: those who wanted to paint and those who wanted to start on the foundations. I went with the latter and was given the task of shoveling gravel and sand, in preparation for mixing cement in the afternoon. The task was difficult indeed, although when Stefany came to greet us, we were inspired to work even harder.  She’s a really sweet kid from the community who always made us smile and laugh. In addition, people in the community were very kind and accommodating.

Overall, this type of work makes one feel very accomplished at the end of the day because you leave with a couple of new friends, having learned new things too. Habitat indeed provides an opportunity to help others and have fun at the same time.

–Justice Tabora


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