Week 1 of the 2010 Lent Build: Love Your Neighbor

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Perhaps one of the best experiences of my life–without a doubt–was working as a volunteer with Habitat El Salvador.  We worked really hard all week, but even though we were exhausted, the desire to work and collaborate kept us going.  We did it for the love of our neighbors.

We were working on the house for the Chachagua family, and little Stephanie was the inspiration for us to continue working with lots of energy.  It was funny to hear her ask every day “what is this?” (“Hard hat.”  “Concrete block.”  “Trowel.”)  What I will never forget are these special moments that we shared with the international volunteers, the Getsemaní residents and the masons.  The best part of the experience are the friendships that we created during this unforgettable week.

–Gaby Portillo

Volunteering during the Lent Build: 30 Houses with Romero was an unforgettable experience for me.  Though I have volunteered in similar projects before, this experience was unique for two reasons.  First, I was able to work beside international volunteers–share, learn, communicate and connect with them in ways that I never thought possible.  Secondly, participating in a project that honors one of the most representative martyrs of the Salvadoran society symbolized hope for me, a sign that Monseñor Romero–as the song says–continues to live in the heart of the people who loved him so much.

–Sofía Rivera

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